We are two millennials, with two amazing little kids, in denial about the fact that we are, indeed, "millennials." We believe in Jesus and His example of loving people - all people - regardless of circumstances. We believe that there is a lot of good in the world, sometimes we just need to stop and recognize it, call it out, and nourish it. We are two Americans with a deep love for Uganda. We have a passion to see the next generation in Uganda equipped with the skills - mental, physical, and emotional - to take their futures in their hands, achieve their dreams, and become the great, new leaders of their nation.

But Specifically, Who Are We?

Dave has worked in the tech world for 10 years doing IT and software development. Since 2009 he has partnered with Kampala Children's Centre with helping establish their IT lab, teaching various development workshops, and seeking to train young men in emotional maturity.

Torrie is (kind of) a stay-at-home mom who has also worked alongside Kampala Children's Centre since 2009. She has mainly worked alongside KCC's staff in their Communities of Hope child sponsorship program, serving as the program's coordinator in the United States. She works closely with KCC to see children at least once a year and gain updated profiles, letters, and pictures to share with sponsors and ensure that each child continues to thrive in school and at home. Her dream is to see Uganda transformed by a generation of young people who are given the opportunities to work hard and achieve their dreams. She also has a passion to support mothers who work hard each raising these young people and supportting them at home.